The natural, Tri-Vortex™ technology has been hidden from the world since the late 1980’s when there were groundbreaking discoveries made concerning the scientific properties of light, sound and geometry. We are bringing this new message to the world.

We are energy and every physical thing has a field of energy made up of energetic vortices. The above findings led to a new technology that attunes this natural energy environment by aligning multi-dimensional energetic patterns and embedding those coherent patterns into chemical, electronic and organic systems.

After treatment, a Tri-Vortex™ product resonates a balanced, coherent energy with many benefits for all living things – balanced energy and emotions, improved hydration and protection from electronic fields.

Besides specialised uses in OEM manufacturing, farms and other businesses, some Tri-Vortex™ products are worn, whilst others are used around the home, office and in health clinics. They improve the flow of energy – the connection between the ‘seen’ and ‘unseen’ worlds – so you can enjoy a more fulfilling lifestyle.


Tri-Vortex™ Technology Is Based On New Science And Inspired By The Workings Of Nature

1. Building Blocks Of Creation

“Tri-Vortex™ Creates More Efficient Communication Between Physical And Non-Physical Dimensions”

Without losing you in the science and physics of Tri-Vortex™, let’s briefly explain how and why this technology has such a positive impact in the support of life. Tri-Vortex™ begins with the building blocks of creation, we refer to as geometry, sound and light. Tri-Vortex™ begins with geometry… which involves a lot more than circles, squares and triangles. Geometry is the blueprint of creation, the genesis of all form; it is the means by which life sustains itself. When you look at any formation and creation in nature, you see evidence of geometry. Every element in the table of elements (Oxygen, Magnesium, Zinc, Nitrogen, Sodium, etc.), in it’s crystalline form has its own, unique geometric shape based on one or more of the platonic solids. There is an organised structure in all things – that structure is geometry. Sound and light also work within strict geometric principles.

2. Nature Based Treatment Process

“Tri-Vortex™ Products Shift The Qualities Of Physical Structures To A More Enhanced Or Higher State Of Physical Order”

There is a unique vibration, frequency and signature aligned with every living form. Thanks to Tri-Vortex™, nature’s algorithms can be harnessed to enhance our daily lives. Tri-Vortex™ technology combines 20 years intelligence with geometry, sound and light to implant nature’s coherent structure into chemical, electronic and organic systems. The treatment process involves a diverse range of processes, undertaken over a 24 hour period within the exclusive Tri-Vortex™ chambers and facilities.

3. Benefits For All

“Balance, Energy And Protection For All Living Things – Humans, Plants And Animals”

Tri-Vortex™ allows what is already functioning fine, to work even better or at peak efficiency, magnifying the energetic potential in all physical organisms.

Tri-Vortex™ creates…

  • Balance energy and emotions, improved sleep and focus
  • Energise intake of food and drinks and better hydration
  • Protect from electronic fields, electromagnetic radiation and electrosmog.