The Tri-Vortex team is dedicated to the research and commercialisation of subtle energy technologies that support and sustain life – improving your life experience with the wonders and unlimited potential of nature.

Marisa Russo

Australasian Distributor

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Anton Ungerer
Cape Town, South Africa

Involved with Tri-Vortex since 2002, Anton is a qualified medical technologist, having worked in diagnostic pathology laboratories and held various management positions with Bayer, Roche and Abbott.

In 1996 Anton realised that part of his destiny involved water, energy and health. Part of his research led to Brian Andersen.

Anton has since developed Tri-Vortex technology further. The commercialisation of Tri-Vortex technology sees its benefits being shared in innovative applications in personal health, farming, agriculture and various manufacturing industries – consumer products, beverages, raw materials.

Brian Andersen
Florida, USA

Brian is the inspired Founder of Tri-Vortex technology. Brian was initially trained in photojournalism and later in medical applications, working in hospitals as a surgical technician. Andersen last position was as a Medical Director in burn management and wound care under Dr. Charles Baxter.

After traumatic and shocking experiences in the traditional allopathic and surgical medical industry, Brian, with no formal training in science, has devoted his life since the late 1980’s to research, discoveries and inventions related to hydration and subtle energy.