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Balance Your Energy And Emotions

Pendants & Necklaces $AUD
Matrix Pendant (TPM) $169
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Round Pendant (TPR) $136
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Tag Pendant (TPL) $125
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Note: Pendants now come with bonus stainless beaded necklace that has been treated in our energy chambers

Energise Your Intake of Food, Drinks and Cosmetics; Water Super hydration.

Energy & Water Discs $AUD
Small Energy And Water Disc 45mm $136
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 Drink/Healing Coaster 100 mm (SC100) $209
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Your Pets Will Have Balanced Energy, Improved Temperament And Energised Food And Water

Animal Products $AUD
Small Pet Tag (TDC) 25mm (1″) $81
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Large Pet Tag (TDD) 36mm (1.38″) $81
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Self Healing

Self Healing Series $AUD
Jaw And Body Healing DVD Course Was $127 Info Now $49
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Abundance Healing Download DVD Course Was $67 Info Now $49
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Freeing Women Video Course Was $49 Info Now $39
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Jaw And Body Healing Info Abundance Healing Download Info