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  1. General

    Q.1 How does Tri-Vortex work?

    You can find more information in the About section of this website and when you register using the email opt-in to the right.

    Q.2 How is Tri-Vortex different to other subtle energy technologies?

    If you have read about the founder’s research, you will recall he spent six months full time testing many different subtle energy technologies before investing in Tri-Vortex. Most technologies are based from frequencies devised by man and then they are forcefully embedded into their products. What is the source of these frequencies? Some are based on an agreed pool of knowledge, others are merely pot luck.Tri-Vortex is more than a frequency-based technology. It begins with the intelligence found in nature; the structure of the elements found in our planet. These signatures are extracted and carefully and gently implanted into Tri-Vortex products using a combination of advanced geometry, light and sound. There are additional processes beyond this but it is all layered on the intelligence of nature itself. It is this core, natural intelligence that brings such broad and far-reaching benefits to humans, plants and animals.

    Q.3 How long do Tri-Vortex products remain effective?

    The Tri-Vortex treatment lasts for at least five years.

    Q.4 What’s the difference with all of the products?

    Tri-Vortex products, apart from the animal care range, are treated in the same manner. Just how you apply Tri-Vortex energy does vary. That’s why we have made a range of products, and continue to add more, so you can choose a product that best meets your needs.

    Q.5 Which Pendant should I choose?

    Simply choose the Pendant that appeals to you most. They all have similar positive energetic properties.

    Q.6 Is Tri-Vortex safe? Are there any long-term dangers?

    Not unless you find the concept of feeling balanced and energised dangerous! Nature will not harm you and since Tri-Vortex uses nature’s building blocks of creation – you are in safe hands. These are the every reasons why Tri-Vortex does work – it replicates nature. We feel very confident that after nearly twenty years and thousands of happy clients that Tri-Vortex is 100% safe and will deliver to you an absolutely remarkable, positive, life-changing experience.

    Q.7 How do I test if my Tri-Vortex product is still working?

    We all grow accustomed to new levels of energy and growth. So if you want to test if your Tri-Vortex product is still making a difference in your life – don’t wear your Pendant for a while and you will soon find, like many of our clients that have tested this, that you will feel a big difference. You can also do one of the TriVortex tests

    Q.8 Can I wear Tri-Vortex products or take them through security x-ray systems at airports, etc. ?

    You can wear Tri-Vortex products through these systems and the energy of your Tri-Vortex devices will still be as effective as before.

    Q.9 Why have all the scientific tests been removed from your website?

    Due to health regulations in Australia, we have had to remove a lot of information, including lab analysisand other testing. Tri-Vortex cannot make comments regarding any physiological or biological affect from the use of Tri-Vortex technology. For this reason, you will not see any claims as to efficacy in treating, curing, managing or preventing diseases, disorders or conditions on this website.

    Q.10 Are Tri-Vortex products affected by extremes of temperature?

    Tri-Vortex products will operate in very extreme temperatures. It is not recommended to weld, solder or apply liquid nitrogen.

    Q.11 How do the Tri-Vortex Power Adaptors & Phone Tags work?

    Tri-Vortex energy embedded in the products alters the structure and flow of the frequencies emanating from your phone or electrical appliance, including creating a left-spin atom rotation. Using natural principles this process makes it safer to have electrical appliances near you.

    Q.12 Where do I place Phone Tags on electrical appliances?

    You are best to place the tags near the power supply, transformer or battery in the case of phones, iPods, etc..

    Q.13 Are Tri-Vortex products affected by magnetic fields or computers?

    Tri-Vortex products are not affected by magnetic fields or computers. The stainless steel is not magnetic. On the contrary, Tri-Vortex products nullify electromagnetic fields such as those from computers and electrosmog.

    Q.14 Why are most Tri-Vortex products made of stainless steel?

    Although the Tri-Vortex technology can be used on any liquid or matter, there are certain materials that have an excellent resonance factor. Stainless steel, silver, gold, silk are a few. Stainless steel does not tarnish or rust like other metals. Stainless steel supports higher levels of hygiene.

    Q.15 What does Tri-Vortex technology do to wine?

    Place a bottle of wine on a Tri-Vortex Water Disc and it will taste better with no tingly after-bite – like a more mature wine. Tri-Vortex-treated wine has a smoother and silkier taste than the un-aged wine with molecular chaos. – Open a bottle of red wine and place it on a Tri-Vortex Water Disc for 7 minutes. White wine leave for 5 minutes. – Tests have shown that using the Tri-Vortex Water Disc also extends the life of your wine. A bottle of red wine usually needs to be finished in one sitting. Independent tests show the wine will last an average of 5 days!

    Q.16 Can other people use my Tri-Vortex Pendant?

    From a hygiene perspective, it is better to use your own Pendant. You may choose to cleanse (like you would a crystal or other objects) the Pendant if exchanging it. We have not found that to be necessary with Tri-Vortex products.

    Q.17 What happens if I drop Tri-Vortex products?

    Dropping Tri-Vortex products will not alter the positive energetic properties.

    Q.18 How do I clean Tri-Vortex silver products?

    Here’s a suggestion to clean silver… and no, the cleaning will not affect the Tri-Vortex energy treatment. Place a sheet of aluminum foil in the bottom of a pan, add 2-3 inches of water, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1 teaspoon salt, and bring to a boil. Add silver pieces, boil 2-3 minutes, making sure the water covers the silver pieces. Remove silver, rinse, dry, and buff with a soft cloth.

  2. Shopping Cart

    Q.1 I don’t have a credit card (or I prefer not to use a credit card on the internet). What other payment methods do you have?

    We accept phone orders. Include your credit card details (Amex, VISA or Mastercard). In Australia, you can send us a money order or cheque payment. We also accept Paypal. Simply contact us and we will organise the details.

    Q.2 Please explain your shipping costs?

    We deliver retail orders free of charge worldwide.

    Q.3 Can you give me some more details about ordering in your shopping cart?

    This is where to visit our shopping cart. You will need a working email address to order online. Pricing is in $AUD Australian dollars. You can check how much the AUD buys in your currency here. Once in the shopping cart, select the products you want and adjust quantities as required. Then click ‘Checkout‘. You can login if you have shopped online with us before or you will need to register your contact details with us. Once registered, you will see an order summary (including GST tax if you are an Australian resident). You just click ‘Place Order‘ and choose the apporpriate delivery option. Last of all, you will confirm your payment.

    Q.4 What delivery methods do you use for sending orders?

    Primarily, we use Australia Post for our deliveries worldwide. Shipments are sent via air mail. In the shopping cart, you must choose the appropriate delivery fee based on whether you are an Australian resident or live in an international location.

    Q.5 How long does it take to receive your orders?

    You can expect prompt despatch of products within 24 hours. Within Australia you can expect delivery within 2-4 business days, faster for express option. Delivery timing varies greatly across destinations outside of Australia but normally takes up to 10 business days. We are rarely out of stock – we will alert you immediately if there is an expected delay.