Blessings to Dr. Emoto and his family. He was a wonderful influencer of the power of water and the effect of our thought and personal energy. His most famous book was “Hidden Messages in Water.”

According to John Murphy (Original founder of TriVortex Australia), “Working with Dr. Emoto was a pleasure. He was such an inspired man. A gentle and well-meaning character. I am especially grateful for his findings regarding the restructuring of water using TriVortex energy discs.”

Dr Emoto TriVortex Water Eperiment
(Above is Dr. Emoto’s experiment – Reverse Osmosis water crystal on left. Then on the right is the same water after two minutes on a TriVortex disk)

We will all miss you. Blessings to you Dr. Emoto

– from Marisa and TriVortex Team