Placing TriVortex products on electrical devices will help create a barrier of protection and reduce the negative impact of EMFs (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies or Radiation).

We always receive lots of questions about where to place TriVortex products on electrical devices. The most common being iPhones, cordless phones and wireless modems.

iPhones & Cell Phones
Since it’s not easy to get to the battery of a iPhone, use the self adhesive provided on the back of the TriVortex Phone Tag (TDP) to place the tag on the cover* of your iPhone.

Most other cell/mobile phones allow you to place a TriVortex Tag on the back of the phone or underneath the battery cover.

* We suggest you obtain a protective cover for your iPhone.

Cordless Phones
As you can see above, most cordless phones are quite compact and challenging to adhere a TriVortex Tag (TDP) on the outside.

The answer is to remove the battery cover and either adhere the tag on the battery or on the backside of the battery cover.

Wireless Modems
Wirelss modems or access points simply require a TriVortex Energy Disc (TD90) to be placed on or underneath the device.

This alters the energy flow of the signal so it reduces the negative impact of EMFs. TriVortex does not affect the function of performance of the device.

We hope you find this information useful to maximise the benefits TriVortex natural energy technology in your life.

Enjoy some protection in our man-made sea of EMFs.

Marisa 🙂

EMF Protection
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