Balance Your Energy and Emotions. The natural Tri-Vortex technology improves the flow of energy. You can now enjoy an enhanced lifestyle just as nature intended.

Why balance energy? Seriously consider wearing a Tri-Vortex Pendant and/or necklace if you wish to experience the following benefits…

  • Balanced energy and emotional harmony
  • Improve focus and achieve greater levels of productivity
  • Better quality sleep and a richer, happier and more vital lifestyle

How does TriVortex work? We could spend hours answering that one! Here’s some brief points …

  • Tri-Vortex technology is based on new science and inspired by the workings of nature
  • Tri-Vortex creates more efficient communication between physical and non-physical dimensions
  • Tri-Vortex products shift the qualities of physical structures to a more enhanced or higher state of physical order
  • Balance, energy and protection for all living things – humans, plants and animals

Here is a more detailed explanation about TriVortex Technology

Where to start with Step One of the Energy Booster Program? You can wear a Tri-Vortex Pendant on a necklace, in your undergarments or pockets. You will receive benefit wherever the product is within your aura. We suggest the upper torso area is best.

Tri-Vortex Pendants are not jewellery, they serve an important purpose. We have used simple designs. Being high-grade stainless steel, they are built to last and remain affective for years and years. Most women prefer to clip/place a Pendant or Disc inside their bra.

# Tip: How to select your energy pendant… Although you can wear a Chakra Pendant or one of of our TriVortex silver necklaces separately; combining a Tri-Vortex Pendant with one of our treated necklaces is the ultimate in maximising your access to powerful, natural balancing energy.

Chakra Pendant TPM

Matrix Pendant (TPM) A$169 Shipping is FREE worldwide

High gloss finish with Agate Quartz, TriVortex butterfly logo on rear and bonus stainless beaded necklace. Size: 27mm x 3mm thick (1.06″ x 0.12″)

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Chakra Pendant TPL

Tag Pendant (TPL) A$125 Shipping is FREE worldwide

Satin finish. Includes bonus stainless beaded necklace and fittings. Size: 36mm x 27mm (1.42″ x 1.06″)

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Chakra Pendant TPR

Round/Tri Pendant (TPR) A$136 Shipping is FREE worldwide

Satin finish.Includes bonus stainless beaded necklace and fittings. Size: 36mm (1.42″) Diameter

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