Protect electromagnetic radiation and invasive energies.You can now enjoy an enhanced lifestyle just as nature intended.

Why protect from inferior energies all around us? Use EMF phone tags to experience the following benefits…

  • Stop feeling drained under flourescent lighting, computers and other appliances.
  • Lower your sensivity to energy and feel safe around electronics and invasive energies
  • Greater comfort and focus
  • Improve your talk time and extend effective work hours

How does TriVortex work? We could spend hours answering that one! Here’s some brief points …

  • Tri-Vortex technology is based on new science and inspired by the workings of nature
  • Tri-Vortex creates more efficient communication between physical and non-physical dimensions
  • Tri-Vortex products shift the qualities of physical structures to a more enhanced or higher state of physical order
  • Balance, energy and protection for all living things – humans, plants and animals

Here is a more detailed explanation about TriVortex Technology

Where to start with Step Three of the Energy Booster Program?A few ideas for you…

  • Stick Phone Tags near/on the battery of your mobile/cell phone, cordless phone handsets, iPods, CD players, PDAs.
  • Also stick on/near power inputs on cordless phone base station, wireless router or LAN equipment, your computer, TV, fridge, lights and lamps and other electrical appliances.

# Tip: Adhere the Phone Tag as close as possible to the power source or battery of your electrical appliance or phone.

EMF Phone Tags TPD

EMF Phone Tags (TDP) A$81 Shipping is FREE worldwide

Suitable for cordless phones, mobile/cell phones and other electronic devices. Tri-Vortex Phones Discs are used for the affects of electromagnetic radiation. Tri-Vortex Phone Discs are not just for phones – place them on any electrical appliance – computer, PDA, TV, Game Boy’s, IPods, CD players, etc.. Improve your environment with Tri-Vortex EMF Phone Tags are made from high-grade stainless steel.
They are easy to clean and will not rust. Size: 36mm x 18mm (1.42″ x 0.71″)
Pack of 2
includes strong self adhesive tape.

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Tips For Using TriVortex With Your iPhone, Cell Phone, Cordless Phone & Wireless Modem