Energise your intake of Food, Drinks and Cosmetics; Water super hydration. The natural Tri-Vortex technology improves the flow of energy. You can now enjoy an enhanced lifestyle just as nature intended.

Why energise your food, drinks and other consumables? Start using TriVortex Energy Discs and experience the following benefits…

  • Super water hydration and emotional harmony
  • Food and drinks smell and taste alive
  • Better quality rest, relief and vitality
  • Enhanced plant growth and shelf life for storage

How does TriVortex work? We could spend hours answering that one! Here’s some brief points …

  • Tri-Vortex technology is based on new science and inspired by the workings of nature
  • Tri-Vortex creates more efficient communication between physical and non-physical dimensions
  • Tri-Vortex products shift the qualities of physical structures to a more enhanced or higher state of physical order
  • Balance, energy and protection for all living things – humans, plants and animals

Here is a more detailed explanation about TriVortex Technology

Where to start with Step Two of the Energy Booster Program? A few ideas for you…

  • Carry a water bottle with filtered water and a Small Energy & Water Disc inside
  • Place a Medium Energy & Water Disc in/under/near your water filter jug or storage container
  • Have a Large Energy & Water Disc in your cupboard and fridge to enhance and extend the life of food, drinks, fruit, vegetables, supplements, etc.
  • Have a Large Energy & Water Disc on your kitchen bench to pass food/drink across it for each meal/snack (eg. a salad just needs 10 minutes) or place it under your bowl of fruit/vegetables.
  • Treat your cosmetics and toiletries to be more energised and compatible – soap, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, facial applications, oils, creams and lotions.

# Tip: Energy Discs have a wide variety of uses – the larger the mass, the greater the energy resonance and the faster the positive affects occur.

Energy And Water Disc (TD90)

Medium Energy And Water Disc 90mm (TD90) A$209 Shipping is FREE worldwide

Choose the medium Tri-Vortex Energy & Water Disc for treating drinking water, wine, juices, dairy, fruit, vegetables and any organic matter. Used by health practitioners for targeted relief. Leave permanently in water filters and distillers. Size: 90mm Diameter X 2mm Thick [3.5″ Diameter X 0.079″ Thick]

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Energy And Water Disc (TD45)

Small Energy And Water Disc 45mm (TD45) A$136 Shipping is FREE worldwide

Choose the small Tri-Vortex Energy & Water Disc for water bottles, small water containers, animal food/water bowls and treating drinking water. Used by health practitioners for targeted relief. Size: 45mm Diameter X 2mm Thick [1.75″ Diameter X 0.079″ Thick]