We often get requests to try TriVortex personal energy products before buying.

People aren’t sure if they will…
– Feel energised wearing a pendant,
– Find relief from pain with an energy disc,
– Be more hydrated drinking TriVortex treated water, or
– Feel more protected using a TriVortex tag on their mobile phone.

A New Way To Trial TriVortex

We created some credit card sized cards and had them treated exactly the same way as our other products in our South African facilities.

Here are a few ideas for using your energy Charge Card;
– Put the Energy Card under your water jug to energise water prior to consumption
– Place in your top pocket or in your bra to balance the energy across your body
– Put your Energy Card near the power supply of your computer to minimise the affect of electromagnetic radiation – remain strong and work longer
– Improve your sleep by placing your Energy Card under your pillow
– Place the Energy Card in your purse so you can energise drinks or relieve certain conditions

Get Your Energy Charge Card Now

Although Tri-Vortex Energy Charge Cards have been treated in our energy chambers, being plastic it is not a substitute for the more powerful and longer lasting energy of Tri-Vortex premium products.

We’ll make sure you receive some special goodies in your package as well… so if you wish to purchase other TriVortex products, you will get some nice bonuses… and another surprise.

Best wishes, Marisa