Nothing is as convincing as trying Tri-Vortex for yourself or hearing of its real life benefits from someone that has put our technology to the test.

Note In Australia it is not possible to display client testimonials that make a connection with disease states. References to these conditions have been struck out in the following testimonials. Hundreds of client testimonials have been withheld.

We both have noticed greater vitality and energy levels during the day whilst sleeping more soundly at night. As Derek is a Kinesiologist, he has been able to use muscle testing to ascertain the effect of Trivortex. Our bodies and minds show greater balance across all systems. At work, I have noticed that I am calmer and do not feel as exhausted by the end of my day. I am also more motivated to exercise, eat fresh food and engage in more self-care activities. In sum, our sense of well-being has significantly improved since using the Trivortex products. We have already recommended Trivortex to our friends and family.

Katja & Derek, Hillwood, Australia

I have had Trivortex now for nearly 2 years now.
I just love it. Feel so much more balanced in my body. I sleep with it on most of the time. Sometimes I go without it, and really feel the difference in my body. I treat my water with it all the time, and use it to make carton wine which has far less preservatives, nice and mellow to drink. I also give it to my plants. The Trivortex always makes me feel very refreshed when awakening. Working out sometimes, where most in the office work in front of computers, it seems that I have more energy and enthusiasm than other workers. Absolutely amazing product and I highly recommend it.

– Heather Cameron, Rozelle, Australia

Various Benefits I never slept properly at night – anytime. Now since I have a Tri-Vortex disc under my pillow at night, I sleep so good. Thanks to the Tri-Vortex discs, I do not have any tingling feeling in my hands while using the phone and I have a lot more energy. I use a disc for my water as it tastes great. I also use the treated water to pour over my hair after washing and my hair has more bounce and softer feel. I had a xxxxxxx foot one night so I put a sock on and put a Tri-Vortex disc inside my sock and my foot was fine the next day. My flowers last longer in a vase in Tri-Vortex water and a disc under the vase and my plants love it..

– Pauline Fisher, Noosaville, Australia

Better Sleep Tri-Vortex has helped me to feel more calm and grounded and to sleep better at night. I put a disc under my pillow. I also use it first thing each day to energise a large jug of water which I drink throughout the day.

– Charlotte Francis, Brighton, Australia

Continuous energy I was using the Tri-Vortex water for around eight weeks when I started to wear my Tri-Vortex pendant. 10 days later I boarded an overnight coach and spent 12 hours travelling to Byron Bay. I then unpacked, saw two clients, hit the road and drove to Brisbane (2 hours) for an evening seminar, then drove back to Byron Bay and slept til 6am. The next day I was busy all day in my clinic, plus I did ordering and office duties until late. At midnight on Wednesday I thought “boy, I haven’t had this much continual energy since 2001 when I came down with XXX!” I was excited and the thought kept going through my head. “I’ve had 2 ½ days of normal energy”. I was so grateful. The energy had continued. I do have days when I know I am pushing myself, but I can continue and rarely stop to rest – I just continue to wear my pendant and drink my Tri-Vortex water.

– Marie Townsend [Kinesiologist], Byron Bay, Australia

Positive impact on water I have a Tri-Vortex disc in my water container. This is an effortless way to improve the quality of my water. I have enjoyed a positive impact on my life.

– Helen Cameron, Glenorie, Australia

Happy at work Now that I wear my Tri-Vortex Pendant, I feel more comfortable and happy at work. My boss no longer targets me for abuse.

– Adaleine T, Frankston, Australia

Sceptic – now a believer This is certainly an amazing Pendant. I did the taste test with tap water and fruit juice with the results confirmed by 6 other people. I was sceptical to begin with but after some testing I’m so impressed that I’ve just ordered a Water Disc as well.

– Jon Hay, Mandurah, Australia

Sleeping through the night I hadn’t slept over 4 hours each night for two years. I now sleep through the night wearing a Tri-Vortex Pendant and a small Tri-Vortex disc under my pillow.

– Lisa M, Penrith, Australia

More energy It changed the taste of water and gave me more energy from the water.

– Kim C, Cheltenham, Australia

Pendant I have been wearing a Tri-Vortex Pendant night and day for 2 months now and I feel really good, really focused and able to take on more and follow through, whereas previously this was not the case and I always felt that I should and could be achieving much more.

– Sharon B, Richmond, Australia

Sleeping Better
Thank you for the free Tri-Vortex disc. I have trialed it for a week and have found amazing benefits. All the information given on the subject was fascinating. I am now sleeping better and the change to food is simply amazing…

– Barbara Bernasinska, White Hills, Australia

Water tests I received your Tri-Vortex Disk. I am quite frankly very surprised with the results I obtained to say the very least. I exposed the disk to several liquids including tap water. The impact on the structure of tap water is the most surprising. I measured the sample water with a Digital Computer Assisted DeNouy Surface Tensiometer, and obtained a reading of 72.4 dynes per centimetre. After the same sample water was exposed to the Tri-Vortex Disk for only three (3) seconds, the surface tension dropped to 38 dynes per centimetre. This drastic improvement of the water’s structure is quite remarkable, as I have NEVER seen any kind of chemical or technology that can lower and improve the surface tension of water as rapidly as the Tri-Vortex Disc. And short of adding a commercial laundry detergent or a toxic surfactant to the sample water or liquid; I don’t know of anything that could drop the dynes that low (38 dynes per centimetre). The application for this technology is almost limitless! Agriculture, Medicine and Nutritional applications are only the beginning. Most Sincerely.

– Dr. James D. Aker, PhD. – Millenium Foundation, San Diego, CA, USA

Amazing success I have had amazing success already with much more energy wearing my Tri-Vortex Pendant. Thanks a lot, I owe my quality of life to you.

– Marnie F, Cranbourne, Australia

Pool water I have a swimming pool business. I put Tri-Vortex Discs in 30 of the pools I service inside the circulation pump basket. The water in these pools has a different feel to it – softer and thinner. I am using less chemicals, specifically algaecide. In fact, I haven’t used any yet this year. I have asked a few of my customers if they feel any chlorine irritation when they swim and they have said they didn’t, despite sometimes high levels of chlorine. I would compare the feel of the water to the softness that salt water chlorinating systems are noted for. The Tri-vortex disc adds a new dimension to pool service-making the water not only look good but feel good.

– Mike T, Gilbert, AZ, USA

Drinking water Our water tastes so much better when we use the Tri-Vortex Discs. Tri-Vortex has increased my awareness of hydration and the importance of drinking water with a coherent natural quality. I also love to wear my Tri-Vortex necklace – it looks great and feels energetically good.

– Shazar Robinson [Kinesiologist], Mosman Park, Australia

Portable energised water We would carry bottles of water around with us everywhere, even into restaurants. Now that we have a Tri-Vortex Disc, I carry that instead. It can make a glass of restaurant water taste great in just a few seconds. What a noticeable difference! We don’t go anywhere without our Tri-Vortex Disc.

– D.W. San Diego, CA, USA

Cafe dining I keep small discs in my handbag to treat food and drinks when cafe dining, they sit perfectly on the saucer under a coffee.

– Wendy Wood, Turramurra, Australia

Various The first Tri-Vortex product I used was a Tri-Vortex Disc. You can use the Tri-Vortex Disc to energise anything you put on it. I use it for water, I use it in my bathtub. I use it for so many things I can’t even remember all of them. There are also Tri-Vortex Discs to use on appliances like computers. While you work on your computer, you are in this field! Okay… I realize that I still haven’t explained WHAT Tri-Vortex is… that’s because I can’t explain it… I don’t understand it. I just KNOW it works!!.


Pendant The Tri-vortex Pendant makes a big difference! I feel it if I have forgotten to put it on.

– Dave V, Cape Town, South Africa

Water & energy …some initial feedback I drink at least 2 litres of spring water each and every day, no caffeine tea/coffee, maybe a few herb teas. I can distinguish between bottled water, pure spring water, tap water, distilled water. Added the Tri-Vortex Water Disc to our ceramic water urn which is filled with highland Tasmanian spring water. Water now has a ‘softer’ taste. Very easy to sip this water throughout the day. Almost a ‘silky’ taste. Interesting test – 2 glasses of water. One exposed to the Tri-Vortex Water Disc, one without. Results of blind test: Tri-Vortex water slightly ‘warmer’ on the palette than the non-treated water. Tri-Vortex Pendant – consistently more focused at the end of day when wearing it. Will keep you updated.

– Roger Burrell, Hobart, Australia

Energy sensitivity I’m sensitive to energy and my experience with Tri-Vortex has been very subtle. There is a difference when I don’t have my Tri-Vortex Pendant on.

– J Lee, Subiaco, Australia

Plants love Tri-Vortex My garden has had a few plants that haven’t thrived. Tri-Vortex has changed that! I travel to Sydney every fortnight to conduct a clinic for 4 to 5 days. I usually go to the supermarket as soon as I can after my flight to get my supplies. One day I noticed they had a nice display of ferns. Over the next 4 weeks they sold out but one. The remaining one was a bit odd looking. Two weeks later it was still there, but this time it looked grey and its fronds were hanging down the side of the pot – I couldn’t leave it there – so I purchased it and got it home as quickly as I could. I placed the pot in a bowl and poured two cups of Tri-Vortex water into the soil and let it stand in the water. One hour later, the fronds were upright and the green had returned to the leaves. A couple of days later it was planted in the garden and is thriving – thanks to Tri-Vortex.

– Marie Townsend, Byron Bay, Australia

Fresh fruit I put the large disc under a huge fruit bowl and ate the fruit. It was very juicy and when I came back from my holidays overseas 3 weeks later, it was still fresh!

– Nivedita Saraswati, Cheltenham, Australia

A miracle disc!

– Zelda H, Johannesburg, South Africa

Florist Orchids normally last 3 weeks in normal water. In Tri-Vortex treated water…8 weeks…and counting!.

– Judy Z, Carlton, Australia

Definite improvement I’ve been using a Tri-Vortex Pendant and Disc for about a month now, and I am pleased to say that I can report some benefit…when I exercise and drink Tri-Vortex treated water, I can report a definite improvement. Thank you for introducing me to Tri-Vortex.

– Raymond B, Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom

Comfort I purchased a Tri-Vortex disc and Pendant. I began to wear the Pendant day and night, and treated all my filtered water with the Tri-Vortex disc before drinking it. After 3 days I no longer experienced my [condition] and the improvement has continued. I am thrilled and grateful to Tri-Vortex technology.

– Elspeth Taimre: Naturopath, Bibra Lake, Australia

100% energy After years of running at very low energy and after trying many different things, it was 2 months use of Tri-Vortex products that restored my energy and wellness. Thank you so much Tri-Vortex.

– Helen Cameron, Glenorie, Australia

More exciting results coming…