The natural, Tri-Vortex™ technology has been hidden from the world since the late 1980’s when there were ground-breaking discoveries made concerning the scientific properties of light, sound and geometry.Tri-Vortex™ products resonate a balanced, coherent energy with many benefits for all living things – balanced energy and emotions, improved hydration and protection from electronic fields.

Tri-Vortex™ Technology Is Based On New Science And Inspired By The Workings Of Nature

1. Building Blocks Of Creation

Tri-Vortex™ begins with the building blocks of creation, we refer to as geometry, sound and light.  Geometry is the blueprint of creation, the genesis of all form; it is the means by which life sustains itself. Every element in the table of elements, in it’s crystalline form has its own, unique geometric shape. Sound and light also work within strict geometric principles.

2. Nature Based Treatment Process

There is a unique vibration, frequency and signature aligned with every living form. Thanks to Tri-Vortex™, nature’s algorithms can be harnessed and imprinted into almost any subtance. The treatment process for Tri-Vortex™ products involves a diverse range of processes, undertaken over a 24 hour period within the exclusive Tri-Vortex™ chambers and facilities.

3. Benefits For All

Tri-Vortex™ energy products promote peak efficiency, magnifying the energetic potential in all physical organisms. Tri-Vortex™ creates…

– Balance energy and emotions, improved sleep and focus

– Energise intake of food and drinks and better hydration

– Protect from electronic fields, electromagnetic radiation and electrosmog.